Monday, July 18, 2011

The Way Forward

I am thinking, how should I proceed. The owner of the property that I have viewed is asking $TT 6.5M for it. How can I raise funds to purchase this property. Well I was previously planning to purchase a property (the one to the left) for $TT .75M. This was for investment in furture retirement so I do not need it right away. There is a Three Bedroom house on it. I will renovate this house and use it to commence the shelter for the homeless men. It can easily accommodate about three men at least, about six men at most. But I would not want to let them share rooms. I will provide food (3 meals per day) shelter and clothing.

In the mean time I will raise funds to acquire the larger property and a large tent (about 40x100). I will transfer the men there and open it as a shelter for homeless men. I will then continue to raise funds for the construction of a more permanent and durable structure.

I am saying a shelter but this will be more than a shelter. I will train them and equip them with skills to help themselves. They should eventually become productive and either graduate from the home our continue there and contribute to its operation.

I am open to thoughts and ideas on this.

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